Get an early look at What If…? season 3 in a new clip from Marvel

Marvel’s animated TV series What If…? returned for season 2 on December 22. New episodes have been rolling out on Disney+ every day this week, with the finale set to launch this Saturday, December 30. The show continues to be successful because the writers can have fun with these characters without concerning themselves with the larger MCU storyline. We already knew that a third season was coming, but on Friday, internet sleuths uncovered a clip featuring an early look at What If…? season 3 that Marvel was likely saving for this weekend.

The unlisted video is nearly three minutes long and features a clip from a future episode of What If…? in which Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and the Red Guardian (David Harbour) on a road trip that turns into a car chase. You can watch the clip below:

According to Marvel scooper CanWeGetSomeToast, this episode was originally set to air during What If…? season 2 but was pushed to season 3. The episode will supposedly be titled: “What if… Red Guardian Stopped The Winter Soldier?”

In addition to the Winter Soldier and the Red Guardian, the episode will feature Bill Foster (aka Goliath) and a new character named Ranger Morales. This character doesn’t seem to have appeared in the comics, but the last name does make us think of Miles. 91club App The video was uploaded to YouTube on December 21, the day before What If…? season 2 premiered on Disney+. That would suggest we won’t be in for quite as long a wait between seasons 2 and 3 as we were between the first two seasons. What If…? season 1 rolled out weekly starting on August 11, 2021, and the second season just arrived last week.

There are reports that What If…? season 3 will be the show’s final season, but we also have the spinoff series Marvel Zombies to look forward to at some point next year.


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